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When a knowledge base is created, there is an expectation that the users will be able to solve their issues by themselves using the knowledge shared on the knowledge base.

However, even after reading the documentation, users may not be comfortable in solving the issue, and it would be better if they were able to message the site owner.

That’s why we created the Help Links feature. Using the Help Link you can redirect your users to a contact form (using Contact Form 7), enabling them to message you in order to get help.

What you need

For a simple link on the footer, you need to create:

Implementing a Help Link

As you may now, the default WordPress posts are used as the main documents for your knowledge base. SO, navigate to Posts > Add New and fill the post with all the information you want to have for that specific document. Do not forget to categorize it.

Then, scroll down the page and you’ll see a section called Help Link, that’s where you can add the Help Link to your document. The default option is NO.

Help Link option for LearnMore Pro

When you select YES, new fields will show up. The first option is called Help Link Contact Page, which is the page with the contact form you created on it.

Page selection and help link text

Now, you need to indicate the contact page that can have a form or a telephone number that allows your users to call you, for example.

There is also a possibility to choose which text you want to use on your help link text. By default, it is “Still in doubts? Send us a message!”.

And that’s it! If you want to go further and add a dynamic field for the subject line in your form, so when the user clicks on the help link, the donation form is pre-filled with the correct subject, you can see how to do it here.

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