Categories Features

When using Post categories, you have a few features that help you to differentiate one from the other and customize all of them.

Private Categories

A knowledge base is an essential tool for the general public and also for your users. It means that sometimes you need to have private categories that are allowed only for registered users.

In case you need to create a private category for your posts, navigate to Posts > Categories, and there will be a field asking you if the category you are creating is public or not.

By default, all the categories are public (default to Yes).

When a category is private, its archive page, that contains all the posts for that category, and the single post page will be hidden from logged out users, even if the single posts are categorized in other categories.

Categories’ Icons

If you want to further customize your categories, you can add icons to them. It will allow you to have different icons that will differentiate your categories.

It will be useful when you select a different layout for your home page, for example, because when you have a category icon, it will be displayed for your users.

You also have the ability to select a bundled icon or an image to be the icon for that category.

We are always open to suggestions of improvements we can make on our tools, so feel free to suggest new features here!

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