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When a knowledge base is created, there is an expectation that the users will be able to solve their issues by themselves using the knowledge shared on the knowledge base. However, even after reading the documentation, users may not be comfortable in solving the issue, and it would be better if they were able to […]

Categories Features

When using Post categories, you have a few features that help you to differentiate one from the other and customize all of them. Private Categories A knowledge base is an essential tool for the general public and also for your users. It means that sometimes you need to have private categories that are allowed only […]

Creating a Knowledge Base page

Navigate to Pages > Add new On the right-hand side click on the ‘Page Attributes‘ tab and select “Knowledgebase” template Save/Publish the page Now, you need to select on WordPress which page will be the the default one for your homepage. In the main WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Reading Set ‘Your homepage displays‘ […]